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Month: August 2016

The Grand Beaver


This weekend was the annual Graham vs. Beaver high school football game. These are two rival high schools. Apparently (according to what I’ve been told) where my husband is from, this is a big deal.

This year my husband felt the need to show me photographic proof of what a big deal it is, courtesy of a variety of Facebook photos of large crowds of people – many of whom he knew personally.

That is when my unintentional giggling got the best of me and I couldn’t hold it back. (If you’ve been a follower of my blog anytime in the past decade, you are probably aware of the fact that unintentional giggling is an issue for me that often gives rise to awkward situations.)

After years of successfully holding back a full-blown giggle, this year I couldn’t. Not after seeing actual huge crowds of people.  My husband asked me, “What is so funny?” and “Why do you always giggle a bit when I talk about the Graham/Beaver game?”

So being me… I told him the truth.  I said:

Every time you say, “The Graham/Beaver games” the way that you pronounce it, it sounds as if you are saying, “The Grand Beaver games”. I know I have never told you this before, but in all the years I have known you…. what… 14… almost 15 years? When you say what sounds like, “You don’t understand. Where I come from EVERYONE goes to The Grand Beaver games,” I picture a bunch of people, gathering together to celebrate and watch a giant beaver.

Every. Single. Time.

I bite my tongue. I try so hard to keep a straight face and hold back the giggles. Because unintentionally in my mind….

I imagine it like some sort of redneck games, inspired by a worshiped, giant beaver. Like an Olympics for country folk.

A sounding of trumpets, shotguns, and then the games begin. At the end of the festivities, the giant beaver rides in on a float covered in flowers, climbs off, walks among his people – who all come to celebrate him every year.

Then he goes back to the river again, till next year’s Grand Beaver Games.

And that, my darling, is why I giggle.

He stared at me blankly and said, “What is wrong with you?”

I just smiled.  🙂

World Photo Day

August 19th is World Photo Day. I didn’t take very many photographs today. But I did get a photograph of this Eastern Comma (polygonia comma). The Eastern Comma is a butterfly that changes color a bit. In the winter the hind wings are more reddish-orange (like the fore wings). In the summer it’s hind wings are more black (like the photo below).


I hope you enjoyed the butterfly.
Happy World Photo Day!