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A Little Reminder from the Past

One of the many cool things about living in the area where you grew up, is that sometimes there are little reminders of the past. Today I had the opportunity to get out and take some photographs. That is not something I usually get to do much of in December. But the weather has (thankfully) been unusually mild recently.

There is a hillside here, where there is ground slipping away. It’s a place where I often played when I was little.

I liked to sit in the dry dirt here and play with marbles and matchbox cars. I would make elaborate trails for my marbles to roll down the steep hill and roads for my matchbox cars to drive.

The past couple of years we’ve had more rain in the summers than usual. So the hill has not been as dry and as a result, it has more moss on it than it had when I was a kid. Still, parts of it are exposed dirt, crumbling away, as always.

Today where some of the dirt was eroding away, out had popped one of my old marbles from when I was a kid and it had rolled down onto some moss. It was scuffed up and looking a bit worse for the wear (kinda like me these days). LOL

It had probably been buried in the dirt there for 30+ years, but it decided to make an appearance today.

It made me smile.   🙂


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